“It’s not a matter of IF…it’s a matter of WHEN” -Ollie

Sorry for the lack of posts…I’m wrapping up the riding season here in New England after one of my busiest years ever on the bike.  12 track days, over 5,000 mi on the ADV bike including a two-week trip to TN and back, and a lot of time in the shop. A good season byContinue reading ““It’s not a matter of IF…it’s a matter of WHEN” -Ollie”

Why the Track is a great place to LEARN

Why is the track a great place to learn? It’s really simple actually. It’s a controlled environment. And controlled environments are more forgiving of mistakes. That’s what we seek if we are learning math, art, or golf. Pretty much anything difficult to master requires time in a dedicated and controlled environment. And motorcycle riding isContinue reading “Why the Track is a great place to LEARN”

Stop Working On Your Bike!

Let me just put this out there from the start. You’re probably not going to like it but you need to hear it. Adding expensive bling isn’t “Working on your Bike” it’s bolting on something worthless….just stop. I know, I know, what else can we do right now during the pandemic. Let me give youContinue reading “Stop Working On Your Bike!”

PLUS Racing Invader Suit Review

I took the plunge just before the new year and joined a bunch of folks on The Aprilia Factory facebook group and ordered a fully custom (measurements and colors) race suit from Plus Racing out of Hungary. It was a bit of a gamble but they have a handful of riders in MotoAmerica and otherContinue reading “PLUS Racing Invader Suit Review”

Size DOES Matter!

Well at least it does with respect to tires. And it matters in a much more complex way than most people seem to understand. Width in my opinion is not the most important factor, so I guess in that sense it’s similar to the famous saying. Let’s just focus for now on rear tires sinceContinue reading “Size DOES Matter!”

A list of the best things to MAKE YOU FASTER!

This is an easy one. Riding Instruction Getting in shape Setting up your suspension OK there you have it guys. Three things 100% guaranteed to make you faster. #1 will cost you 1/3 of that new pipe that doesn’t do shit other than make you fail sound check, and the second one is FREE! #3Continue reading “A list of the best things to MAKE YOU FASTER!”

You got a bike, then ride it!

They used to call it “Run what you Brung.” I can’t tell you how many times I hear or read that someone can’t do a particular ride because they don’t have the right bike (this goes for MTB too). Seriously? I mean Seriously?! Just get out there and ride. Sure, you’re not going to takeContinue reading “You got a bike, then ride it!”