Size DOES Matter!

Well at least it does with respect to tires. And it matters in a much more complex way than most people seem to understand. Width in my opinion is not the most important factor, so I guess in that sense it’s similar to the famous saying. Let’s just focus for now on rear tires sinceContinue reading “Size DOES Matter!”

You got a bike, then ride it!

They used to call it “Run what you Brung.” I can’t tell you how many times I hear or read that someone can’t do a particular ride because they don’t have the right bike (this goes for MTB too). Seriously? I mean Seriously?! Just get out there and ride. Sure, you’re not going to takeContinue reading “You got a bike, then ride it!”

Tire won’t seat?…don’t blow yourself up!

There are a lot of examples on the web on how to mount your tires yourself. Just be careful of the ones you follow! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT do it this way. There are hundreds of these videos on YouTube, some with thousands of views. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. EvenContinue reading “Tire won’t seat?…don’t blow yourself up!”

Welcome to Men of an Age

If you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough. — Every racer on earth. Push yourself. Just do it, chances are you won’t die. More than likely you’ll start to live a little more. This blog will be about getting to an age, whatever that is, when you decide “Fuck it!”, I’m going to doContinue reading “Welcome to Men of an Age”