“It’s not a matter of IF…it’s a matter of WHEN” -Ollie

Sorry for the lack of posts…I’m wrapping up the riding season here in New England after one of my busiest years ever on the bike.  12 track days, over 5,000 mi on the ADV bike including a two-week trip to TN and back, and a lot of time in the shop. A good season byContinue reading ““It’s not a matter of IF…it’s a matter of WHEN” -Ollie”

Welcome to Men of an Age

If you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough. — Every racer on earth. Push yourself. Just do it, chances are you won’t die. More than likely you’ll start to live a little more. This blog will be about getting to an age, whatever that is, when you decide “Fuck it!”, I’m going to doContinue reading “Welcome to Men of an Age”