Get to the Track…you’ll never go back to the street

Well maybe that’s not entirely true, you might still ride on the street, I do, but you’ll stop trying to go fast all the time. That’s maybe the best part about attending a few track days a year, it removes the desire to ride fast on the street. Not all the time at least.

I enjoy my days on the street more now, maybe because I have a more reasonable bike for street riding than my sportbike, which can easily break the speed limit, in first gear, with the front wheel in the air, in about 3 seconds…

My street riding now consists of the occasional commute, some back roads, some dirt roads, and a frequent run to the beach. I ride reasonably fast, but take in the experience more for sure. I even stop to look at the view now and then.

A nice view of the Atlantic

There are a lot of other benefits to my overall riding experience of going to the track as well and we’ll explore those over the next few blog posts. But for now, get out and ride!

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