Tire won’t seat?…don’t blow yourself up!

There are a lot of examples on the web on how to mount your tires yourself. Just be careful of the ones you follow!

At least he’s wearing safety glasses…

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT do it this way. There are hundreds of these videos on YouTube, some with thousands of views. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Even the most difficult tires can be seated with just two things you probably already have: a ratchet strap and a compressor.

Yesterday I mounted a pair of Continental TKC80s to my spare wheels. Disclaimer here, the rear tire is a 180/55 – 17 and I put it on a 6″ rim. Not ideal, but it’s the largest 60/40 ADV tire available.

Tire, Strap, Chuck…all you need.

Preferably I’d use a 190/55 but the Conti is actually pretty wide for a 180 and works fine. BUT, it’s a bitch to seat because it’s not designed for a rim that wide….there is about an inch gap on each side of the tire between the tire bead and the rim shoulder. Plus it’s cold out, and the tire is stiff. I wanted to ride though so I mounted it. I didn’t use an explosion although it would have been warmer.

Strapped Tire

All you need to do is put the tie down around the middle of your tire and ratchet it tight until the tire beads start to touch the rim shoulder. A little soapy water helps here too (as it does to get the tires on the rim, but you already knew that right?)

Then even a small compressor can seat your tire as long as it creates enough pressure. You don’t even need to remove the valve stem and have a chock that will “rapid fill” your tire if you use the strap. (another commonly recommended but unnecessary method on the internet).

Ready to install

See, wasn’t that easy, and no lost fingers or 3rd degree burns!

Now it’s time to Go Ride!

What’s a little snow with these tires?!

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